kyle pulver

hi hi~

i'm kyle! this is my very professional website.

i'm a feelings oriented game designer and developer most of the time. i love creating internally consistent systems with content that explores their capabilities to the fullest. it is my divine purpose to guide players on journeys within themselves to cultivate proficiency through practice, patience, resilience, compassion, and understanding.

i make games which reveal to players how amazing and brilliant they truly are. the experience of encountering a seemingly impossible challenge only to eventually understand and overcome it is one of the most significant moments that games can evoke.

i made a bunch of games like offspring fling, depict1, bonesaw: the game, jottobots, super ninja slash, verge, and a bunch of smaller games for game jams and stuff like that.

i once made an open source c sharp 2d game framework using called otter.

currently i am a part of extremely ok! and most recently before that i worked with aether studios on rivals (of aether) 2, and before that i was with team meat on super meat boy forever, and i made a meat boy card game called rival rush.

i also like to draw stuff and make apps sometimes. i'm also a writer. and an animator. i actually just love to create in a lot of mediums and i am very good at learning and adapting quickly to all sorts of situations and constraints.

i know a lot about making stuff feel really good. i am confident in my ability to create powerful experiences in games and other mediums.

i won newgrounds game of the year a long time ago and i got this really sick solid metal tank trophy. i'm very proud of it. a very long time ago i was nominated for excellence in design at the independent games festival and a won a ludum dare once. oh also i was in the pax 10 indie games showcase two years in a row because i am very good at making video games.

i was once the number one towerfall player in the universe and won a lot of tournaments about it.

you might remember me as that boy with blue and blonde hair wearing neon colors at conferences and conventions.

i'm not on social media anymore. i was for a long time but it's a never ending nightmare of anxiety. my life significantly improved after bailing on most of the internet.

the best way to get in touch with me is to send me an email at or i currently have limited availability to work on projects that resonate with my heart and soul in exchange for financial compensation, so send me a message if you think we would be a great match. or if you think we would be great rivals. most of my time is dedicated to extremely ok, but i may be able to help with other things here and there.

there are no links here because i know most people are just gonna search for more details on the internet themselves. my online presence is a little bit of a mess lately 'cause i'm more focused on my real life presence and relationships.

this website was last updated on march 27th, 2024.